Unmanned Telemetry Kit Problems


I’m having some problems with those Unmanned telemetry radios, maybe someone here has an idea. I kind of think they might not work correctly…

I’ve switched both to a different Net ID (37), and now they can’t connect anymore. I have tried switching the ground station one back to 25 but to no avail. Also, when the ground station radio is set to 37, the air radio’s LED turns solid green (!), the ground one, however, continues flashing (which seems to indicate that the air radio does think it has a link, the ground one however is still searching… weird. This shouldn’t even happen at all I think). At any other setting I’ve tried the air radio’s LED keeps flashing.

Of course, I can’t connect the air radio directly to USB to check its settings, since it only has the DF13 connector – I can’t even find a cable for this. How would the layout have to look?

Another question regarding these: I’ve ordered the 500mW version. The default for Tx Power seems to be set at 11dB. I assume 20dB would be full 500mW here as well, and then it’s a factor of 0.5 for every step down, correct? There is no manual for these to be found anywhere it seems.

Any advice? Thanks!


sorry to hear about the problems and i agree its abit annoying when you change settings and it does not work properly and the two radios end up loosing a link. the good news is that we are currently working on and ftdi adapter cable for the air module to make changing setting directly possible, so it should be in our shop in about 2 weeks once they are made.

For the 500mw telemetry radio kit the power is just scaled according to that tx number with 20 being full 500mw power. However I will see if I can get a db/power table for you

Thanks - I ordered a FTDI-to-USB cable on amazon that should be okay. I’ll have a look then if I can fix the settings on the air module (even though I do think they are acting very strangely right now, with one seemingly believing that it has a link and the other one still searching).

Regarding the power, it seems it’s simply five times the power at every setting compared to the 100mW modules.