How to connect Bluetooth to your alexmos brushless gimbal controller

In this guide I will show you how you can easily add Bluetooth functionality to your alexmos brushless gimbal controller so that you can configure it via the SimpleBGC android application on your phone or tablet.

What you will need

If your board does not already have the FTDI connectors soldred you will need the following parts

  • 4 pin header (if your board does not already have the pins soldered)
  • Soldering Iron with some solder

Connecting the Bluetooth module to the brushless gimbal control board

If you are using the official Basecam32 Bluetooth module, then attaching it is fairly easy, the best way is to directly mount it onto your gimbal board as shown below:

This alexmos bluetooth module arrives complete setup to work with your gimbal so there is no need to configure it, simply download the android app on your phone and pair with the module as shown later on in this guide.

Older Alexmos Boards
You will need to find the 4pin FTDI connection on your board, in most boards it will be 4 pins on thier own with the following labels (GND, 5V, TX, RX). For the boards that we sell you can see where it is below (next to the IMU connector). If it does not already have the pin header connected you will need to solder your own one on.

Once its connected and you power on your brushless gimbal board you should see a green LED and a flashing red one on the bluetooth module as shown below.

Thats it, the Bluetooth module is now connected and ready to pair with your device so you can change the settings, or monitor the module remotely.

Need to change the baud rate on the Bluetooth module

The Bluetooth module we sell comes ready to use with the alexmos brushless gimbal controller, but if you are using another one you might need to change the settings.

You will need to make sure your bluetooth module is configured to run at a baud rate of 115200. Also the module will need to set to slave mode. For more details on how to configure the module please see our guide on changing the baud rate on the Bluetooth module.

Connecting to the simpleBGC configuration software via Bluetooth

Now that you have connected everything together you simply need to pair the Bluetooth device with your Phone/Tablet/PC.

Once the gimbal board has been turned on and you can see the flashing red LED on the bluetooth module, you can connect to the bluetooth module with your tablet/phone. The device name is CRIUS_BT with a pair code of 0000.

Once paired you can launch the android config application and you can change the settings with you phone without any cables!

If you have any questions please let me know and I can try to help!

Dose your bluetooth module work with the 32 bit boards?

Yes it does, the connection is essentially the same :slight_smile:

brilliant I now i can use the android app, Just wanted to make sure it all worked together

I just got the Bluetooth from you guys and it will not connect to any of my 4 android devices, Using it with windows I get the error GUI vs gui vs board version mismatch while using v2.4 and the latest android app app any Ideas?

Are you using the latest version of the firmware on your alexmos board? And is your android app the latest version?. Otherwise can you still connect to your board on your PC via USB cable? Assuming that you can then the next thing to debug would be to connect it to your PC via Bluetooth, but the error you received:

gui vs board version mismatch

this suggests that the GUI version you are using is not compatible with the version of the firmware you are running on your alexmos board, so I suggest you update to the latest firmware.

I have a question. I have a DYS Smart 3 Gopro BL Gimbal. I want to control via bluetooth. The configuration of the circuitry is different than shown on your website. Where do I connect the green, yellow, red and black wires? I do not see 4 positions marked GND, 5V+ TX and RX.

I am not sure about the controller on the DYS Smart gimbal as I don’t have any with me right now. If you can send some pics of the controller board I could have a look and maybe see where you will need to connect the bluetooth module.

Here is the layout that came with the Gimbal.

Any idea about the connections on the DYS smart gimbal?

Since we dont sell that exact controller its hard to tell you for sure it it has a serial port. But from the looks of it it does not :frowning:. My suggestion would be to contact the shop you purchased it from and they should be able to help. Otherwise if you have no luck just let me know and I will try talking the factory directly for you.

hi, i bought the bluetooth module and i connected it to the board as shown in the guide, the blue led is blinking and my phone (nubia z9 max) sees it… now, i paired it with the pin 0000 or 1234, and when i open the SimpleBCG app it shows up in the settings but when i try to connect it just do nothing… a also tried to invert RX and TX cables but nothing…
please help me

Have you made sure to set the correct baud rate on your Bluetooth module and within the gimbal setup software? I think you must make sure to set it to 115200.

Hi! Which bluetooth module should I use with an iphone?