Betaflight restore fails and my Wizard X220S has no settings

I received a Wizard X220s RTF yesterday. I configured everything and backed up the configuration using the Chrome UI. The final step was to apply a firmware update. After applying the update I found I could not restore the JSON file created by the backup. After the file is selected nothing happens.

This was my first time using Betaflight and I was not aware that it is possible to do a dump from the command line interface as an alternative method of backing up.

Does anyone have a dump file from an X220s RTF that I can upload? Alternatively does anyone know of a way of converting the JSON backup file into a format that can be pasted into the command line? There are a large number of parameters to be set in the UI and as a drone noob I am pretty clueless as to what they should be.

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I have the X220s configured after a fashion. I’ll find out if it’s good enough when I get to fly it tomorrow. I’ve run ‘dump’ from the CLI and copied and saved the output. I don’t think I’ll be relying on the UI based backup/restore options in Betaflight again.

Yeah, usually the best way to backup is to go to the CLI and use the dump command, then save that to a text file…

However sometimes between major firmware releases, the old values might not work… so usualy whenever I update firmware I go through all the configuration again and only save my custom PID’s/Rates

If you are having trouble getting your wizard flying well we do have a setup guide here that goes through the bare essentials to getting it into a decent flying state :slight_smile:

BetaFlight is now a stand alone application, download unzip and click the exe, it is being chopped from Chrome very soon.

Download here:

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friend shares the JSON file. please