Benewake TF Mini LiDAR

Hello all,

I’ve got Benewake TF Mini LiDAR, I’m a little stuck on setting it up with my APM 2.X

I’m guessing it plugs into the IC2 slot, which will mean I’ll need to take the + and - wires and connect them to my PDB as the IC2 port is +3.3V not +5V.

Do I need to do any configuration with the LiDAR unit, if so can anyone tell me what and how?

Seems to be very little about it online.

Thanks in advance.

I think I may of replied to you about this via email, or someone else has a similar issue. But I beleive the issue is that the APM 2.x firmware does not have support for this. Because the Atmel chip used on teh APM2.x boards does not have enough memory to hold the entire code the last version released for it is arducopter 3.2.1 which at the time did not have support for the benewake Lidar units :frowning:

You did yes, Thank you for clearing it up.

I did note that the UnmannedTech web-page for the Benewake LiDAR states: " The TFmini communicates over UART that is compatible with many systems including pixhawk, arduino etc…" Which lead me to believe this included the APM.

It’s no a huge issue though as this is a college project so having something that’s gone wrong is something to talk about. (Due in Next week hence the rush lol)

Thanks for the support both VIA email and on here.

A do apologise if we caused any confusion about that. But yes it is compatible with arduino (as there is arduino example code) so it is something you could add yourself to APM. But you would probably need to remove some of the existing code so that it would fit onto the ATmega MCU on the APM :slight_smile: