APM 2.6 Power issues and pinout


I have tried finding information on the APM 2.6 board and pinout.
None of the sites 3DR etc have information on this board. The Copter software and APM site has all sorts of info on 2.5 but they are clearly not the same.
In the video on setting up hardware the guy clearly has a SBEC powering the RX and the USB is plugged in!!
However, when you look closer at the video it is a 2.5.

Where is the same information for the APM2.6?

I also have a GPS with 4 wires on it with single inline connectors but nowhere to plug them in!!
Looks like I will have to get the board layout and solder them to the tracks.

Where in the UK can you get a compass module that just plugs into the APM2.6?
I will not buy from outside UK due to the post office handling charge of £10 and the Additional Import duty.
Not to mention my 40 mile round trip to get it from the depot!!


Sorry to hear about the power issues on your APM2.6. Where did you buy your APM2.6 board from, was it an official board?. If its was from us and its still in the returns period we will replace/repair it for you.

As for the GPS module, the official one includes a compass, but we don’t sell one separate any more. However if you want you should look around the web for a 3.3V HMC5883 Compass module. There are a couple on ebay.

The GPS pinout is the same for the APM2.5 and APM2.6. APM 2.5 has 2 gps ports with one of them being the DF13 style that is on the APM2.6. So you can use the diagram below to see the pinout.

Where can I get the Eagle files to try and fix the blown track?

Seems to be almost no information anywhere on the APM 2.6 board. I thought it was an open project or is that just the software. No manual or wiki pages on the 2.6.

The 3DR video is on the 2.5 and it shows the guy doing just what I did.,
feeding the RX with an SBEC and then connecting the USB - INSTANT DEATH on the 2.6!!

I now have the freeware Eagle version but cannot find the 2.6 files??