Baby Hawk R - CLI.. oh what have I done?


Hi guys, I’ll start with I’m a newbie, which will probably explain why I’m here,

I bought a Hawk baby R after flying a eachine013 around the house or should I say crashing around the house, on the basis this would be my next step into FPV, outdoors, I had decided after a spat of cloudy wet days that I would try and flash the new betaflight 3.5 on to the drone, and yes you guessed I did not back up the CLI, well that seemed to go ok and the bind on the receiver gave me a green light but I could not figure out why my TARANIS did not function in the betaflight page, that’s another story, (which I manage to resolve later) but thinking it was the 3,5 I reflashed the 3.2 and eventually I am bound and the taranis sticks are working however I noticed a couple of things and I’m wondering if you can advise before I go any further,

  1. the CLI script is a lot shorter than what I found as the factory issue I found on the web, can I simply take these and paste in or should I have a specific version of 3.2 or just go with what I have,
  2. could I use the original CLI some one has kindly posted with the 3.5 , reason for asking is I read a few articles that the script meanings have changed, goodness knows why
  3. I have fired up the Hawk on my desk, and the motors are running weird some high some low and eventually all speed up, is this normal as not seen before or have I done something wrong, they all run at same speed in the betaflight app.
    I guess I want to get back to the factory settings so if you can help this is most appreciated, and point me in the right direction.
    I haven’t dared take this out to fly yet as I’m worried I’ve done something that will lead to tears on take off,
    Look forward to hearing from you experts out there or anyone frankly that may have had a similar issue and fixed it
    BTW I have written to Emax but still waiting for their reply

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if motors turning correct way your half way there. dont worry about CLI never bothered me in 4 years
just make sure it ARMs and Disarmes, your rates arnt to high and add a little RC rate to make the centre stick a little slower.
if your testing the motors on the bench (especially in angle mode) they will faf around.
take it out Arm it and flt it.


Not much of a specific answer but just go for it.


Thanks guys, I’ll let you know, emax got back and basically recommended staying with the 3.2 and factory settings they haven’t updated the tune for 3.5 yet

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