Ardupilot firmwire upgradation


When I upgrade my APM firmwire from V3.0.1 to V3.1 DO I have to re-caliberate all the sensor like accelerometer and compass? Or do I have to reinput my PID values and and the trim values which
I saved using save trim. ???


Depending on the firwamre upgrade it will sometimes require the settings to be overwritten. So before any upgrade I suggest you save your PID values and settings via the mission planner and then you can re-load them once the new firmware is on.


sorry but I dont know how to save them. Can I also save the accelerometer and compass calibration values???


Start up mission planner…
Once the settings have been read from the APM go to Config/Tuning -> Full Parameter List
On the right hand side of the screen hit the Save button

That saves everything :wink:


thanks again Louise. :smiley: does that saves the accelerometer calibration values also?


I think so but not 100% sure, have a look through the parameters and see if you can spot it :wink: