Compass Calibration Unexpected Error

Hi all,

I am having a problem to calibrate the compass (external and internal). I am using Arduplane 3.8.4 and Mission Planner 1.3.52

As soon as I clicked ‘OK’ to start the live calibration, the calibration window stopped and show there was unexpected error. I tried both by connecting Pixhawk 2.1 to USB and through telemetry but the result was the same. I checked the status window and parameter list, it seemed like Pixhawk 2.1 detected the external compass and the internal compass.

Really hope to solve this problem soon.

Are you able to test on another pc, as that seems like a mission planner bug. Other I suggest you reinstall the software and make sure you run it as administrator.

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Hi Alex,

Thank you! Yes, I tried on another pc and it worked.

I update my MP to beta and it solved the problem.

I’ve had this problem and it was a bad micro usb cable did you try a new data cable

same the problem i’ve, please help me to debug this, i’ve changed the data cable but no gain! i’m using v1.3.52 on 2.8apm help me


I’m new! Plz also guide me that how make sure that we have already firmware on a board and we no need to do install again…

As mentioned by Alex, do you able to do calibration on another pc?
or reinstall the MP software?

I solved it by updating my MP to beta