Reset ardupilot mega EEPROM (factory reset)

Sometimes if you have a problem with sensors drifting, weird readings, or something is not quite right, but you cant seem to find any settings that are weird, the first thing you should try is to do a factory reset of your ardupilot board. This will clear the EEPROM which will often resolve common problems if you get any. There are two ways of doing this.

Option 1 - Perform a factory reset

This is done via the CLI in the terminal screen

  1. Go to terminal, select the comport and 115200 baud rate
  2. Click connect
  3. Type setup and click enter
  4. Type reset and click enter
  5. Type Y and click enter

Your board should now be rest to factory settings.

You can then go to the tests screen to verify that things are working as they should.

Option 2 - Re-install Firmware

If for some reason the above step did not work, the next thing you can try is to install new firmware onto your APM/Pixhawk board, but it must be a differant type of firmware. For example if you have arducopter firmware on your board, you should try to load the arduplane firmware. Similarly if you have arduplane firmware installed then you just need to load arducopter firmware. Because you are using a different firmware base the firmware upload process includes resetting the EEPROM. Once you have testing your board is working with the new firmware then you can go back and load the actual (arducopter/arduplane) firmware that you want to use for your vehicle.