Converting my quadcopter into autopiloting

I am working on auto piloting of my quadcopter. i want to use ardupilot flight controller board. on stated :APM 2.6 - no longer supported for Copter or Plane. The last firmware builds that fit on this board are Copter 3.2.1 and Plane 3.3.0. but on arducopter site they are saying its support. i am confused. so what should i do?? Is APM 2.8 are supported ?? what else solution?

It is no longer supported for future firmware releases as the MCU on the APM does not have any more space to hold more code.

Hi Alex @unmannedtech1
So what is you recommendation now for a full size (not mini) FC running Ardu / PX4 ?
A link to the product page would be good
Steve :slight_smile: