Arducopter V2.8 firmware version

I have just built my first quad f450 with an Arducopter V2.8. what is the best version of firmware to load into this module. I have not flown it yet, so I want to get it right!

The latest version you can use on the APM2.6 or APM2.7, APM 2.8 boards is arducopter v3.2

Wow that was a quick response. Ok in MP version 3.3.3 is the current version. how do I get version 3.2?
Oh and thanks Alex

I think when you click to upgrade the firmware it will automatically use the latest version that supports your current board.

Ok then, you’ve heard the expression ‘suck it and see’! If it loads ok then it should work I guess. I’ll have a go and see what happens, with care of course. just got to wait for a nice calm day to try it!