Arducopter CAD Drawing

Hi there. As per the title, I am looking for a CAD drawing of Ardu-Quadcopter (the old version prior to D, I think it is B/C).
I would like to use it to do some simulation and find out the Rotational innertia matrix of it.

Does anyone have it?

I cant seem to remember where the original CAD files are for the arducopter frames, but David has done a great job at creating the Arduopter Quad model in autodesk inventor here, it also includes the electronics which may or may not be useful.

Otherwise if you are looking for the hexacopter the only file I have are some DXF files of the central plates I made quite some time ago :smile: (13.4 KB)

Hopefully that is helpful

I have checked the files with Inventor CAD.
There are missing links to the APM2 board in the CAD.
Other then this small problem the rest of the components are all there.

Thanks for the link.