Arducopter 3DR Hexa Frame

I was just wondering if the arducopter hexacopter frame will be available again please. I want to run a training course using the ArduPilot and this looks like the ideal kit.

This kit has been discontinued for now as its been replaced by the arducopter y6 frame.

But if you are after a hexacopter you might want to consider the F550 Hexacopter as its a very affordable :moneybag: and decent frame

Hope that helps

Thanks for your suggestion. The frame looks like a good substitute but I’m unsure whether it is compatible with the ArduPilot. If you could compile a list of parts that would work together I could probably use them.

The F550 is compatible with ardupilot, in fact ardupilot is compatible with just about any multicopter frame. You could use the same motors/ESC on the F550 as the old arducopter hexa frame and you can still use ardupilot to control it.

So what you would need in terms of motors/ESC/Props

Hope that helps, if you have any other questions please let me know.