Beginner DIY quadcopter kit for Christmas

Is it possible for you to put together a price for a complete package with everything I would need including FPV gear ? I don’t want the best and priciest stuff at least for now but as a starter. That QAV 210 kit looks fine that comes with a controller. Not sure how good it is but that doesn’t really matter at the moment. I would need goggles and all that as well.

I just wanted a rough price that would include everything I needed. Obviously I can get the soldering stuff myself and the rest of the tools.

Your help is very much appreciated

Here is what I would suggest for a beginner FPV Quadcopter kit

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Hi Alex

I’m interested in the QAV kit also as a gift for my father. He is very much into Arduino kits and likes soldering (has an electronics background) but is not a programmer. Is the ArduCopter no longer offered?

In any case, as to the QAV, is the new FPV kit now available? If not, what parts made up the previous bundle?

Many thanks