Arducopter APM 1 support manuals

Hi all. I recently completed a Y6 setup and would like to use my old APM 1 controller (APM1 Mega 2560). Since it’s long outdated, there doesn’t seem to much on the net anymore. What I need to know is this, the motor configuration for a Y6 setup.

I would really appreciate any response to this. Thank You.

I honestly dont know where you can find this documentation as the original google code site has been shut down now, and that is where all of the documentation was :-(.

Hi Alex, thanks for the reply. I’ve had to dig deep but I found some images regarding apm1, but not much. I’ve noticed that there is a old y6a setup and a new one, y6b, assuming that I would be using the old one. I also managed to load the firmware for the y6 which I found on the old arducopter repository and apm1 still works with mission planner so making progress with this.

Happy to hear you figured something out. I think the y6a or y6b would actually depend on the firmware version you are using on your APM. So you might want to try testing it all in the ground via mission Planner before you finalise your build.