Arducopter 3.6 released!

If anyone is interested to use a proper drone autopilot system ardupilot 3.6 is officially released now.

Previous versions added support for cheaper FC’s designed for betaflight like the omnibus or kakute. But now that dshot and osd are fully supported there is little reason to give this a go. Just slap on a GPS/compass module and you can turn your quad into a proper drone and watch it fly all on its own :sleeping:.

Here are some videos favorite new features

Osd is still not as nice to use as the betaflight configurator (for now) but great that it supports it now!

With this release I see little reason to still use inav in my opinion.

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Nice - now you’ve given me an incentive to finish my hexacopter (Navio 2 + Raspberry Pi) :slight_smile:

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