Advice Please for a newbie Racing Drone

Hello Guys and Girls,
Any advice for a good beginners Racing Drone that is suitable for outdoor use, that you would recommend?.
I’m needing advice also for a kit that comes with the controller, batteries etc. Was looking at the Happymodule Mobular7, and wish to pay no more than £200 for the lot…Thanks for any advice and / or links.

Hey and welcome to the site :wave:

The usual first question is have you already flown anything yet? As he usual progression from a newbie in fpv is to start with a whoop category quad as they are a cheap way to get started and don’t break so easily. Something like the emax tinyhawk is probably the best kit to start with. Plus you can fly it outdoors just fine too.

Then when you are confident flying that you could get a more serious and expensive 5" quad.

Thanks very much for your reply, This Emax Tinyhawk kit seems to be recommended and I shall now have a closer look into that. I wonder if there is a local club, in Weston Super Mare, that exists?.
Thanks once again,