A separate radio controller for gimbal


Is it possible to have a separate RC transmitter for gimbal(3-axes) but only on receiver?

Like this:

Transmitter #1 works with channel 1 to 5
Transmitter #2 works with channel 6 to 8

As I understand here http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/camera-mount/#Gimbal_configuration_through_the_mission_planner it is possible.

But I don’t understand the the physical transmission, as I understand there might be a problem between those two transmitter signals colliding, but is it true, if I configure the remote 1 to not use any other channel, and the same with remote 2, there should be no collision?

But if there is, if I use separate receivers, will that resolve the problem, I don’t see how, because does it matter , if the channels are used by one pair, can they be used by the second one too?

Thanks for all replays.

(about 5.8 Ghz I don’t see it as option, because I want FPV to be on 5.8, I have studied a lot about these frequencies, so I understand that using 2.4 for FPV will be very bad for controlling the multicopter as audio + video is very “thick” layer of signal, so I found that it is better to use 2.4 for controls and 5.8 for A/V FPV)

Yes its entirely possible to do that. But you will need two transmitters and two receivers.

In the case of using ardupilot mega…

  • Transmitter 1 would be connected to APM inputs 1-5 to control the
    drone (Pilot)
  • Transmitter 2 would be connected to APM inputs 6-8 to control the gimbal (gimbal operator). You would needchange the settings on the APM to set those channels to be inputs to gimbal control.

I am not sure what you mean by this. On 2.4Ghz you can have literally a 100 transmitters operating at the same time without problems. With most radios you will bind/pair a receiver to a specific transmitter so you dont need to worry about interference.

Hope that helps, but if its still not clear feel free to ask :wink:


Thanks, for some reason I did not know about the binding, so I thought the receivers where “free-to-access”, but now it is clear to me really big thanks.

2.4Ghz receiver binding is not permanent. It will just mean that you pair a receiver to a specific transmitter (methods vary depending on manufacturer) but with all of them its not permanent ( it will only save the binding until you erase it), so you can pair a receiver to another transmitter at another stage.

Here is a video binding a receiver to a Devo transmitter

Ok, I’m still looking into all these receivers and transmitters, and how they get powered, but I’m still looking inside to that.

But thanks for this info, did not know any of this, thanks.