Overriding Full Auto and multiple telemetry radios

Couple of quick questions…

We are supposed to have RC as either the primary or at least a backup means of control, makes sense really of course, but if the pixhawk is flying autonomously and something goes wrong do you need to manually switch back to stabilize in order to take over with the Radio or will frantically wiggling sticks while running round in circles like a headless chicken have some effect on the flight?

Also, what is the situation with the 3DR telemetry radio link if someone else is in the area? With 2.4ghz RC the model is paired with the tx so it can hop frequencies and find a clear signal but the telemetry radio is not paired, or not manually if it is, so how does it cope with other models in the vicinity?

If something does go wrong, (like you set a waypoint that is heading directly for a tree) you will need to switch to stabilise (or loiter) modes to get take over control.

:smiley: Very funny :chicken: , but actually this will also work in a way since all modes on arducopter still have some wiggle room, when flying in auto mode you can still use your sticks to kind of nudge your platform if you want. But best to switch to stabilise/loiter/RTH modes.

The radios work on the same concept where they are paired together. You can set up the radio ID via the mission planner so you will need to make sure that this is unique to your telemetry radios if flying with someone else in the same area.