3DR radio range problem and Droidplanner/Pixhawk issues

Hope someone can help, my recently purchased 3DR radio only has around 5 metres range with the supplied antenna and after sending a mission to the Pixhawk via Droidplanner and flicking the auto switch the quad sets off normally, but gets to the second waypoint out of 10 and simply hangs there as if waiting for the next command. It will RTL or manually fly back if I flick the switch but refuses to go any further in auto.

The 3DR radio very quickly goes out of range also. Any help/advice appreciated as I am new to quads.

Regards, Rob.

What radio module are you using, is it a V1 or a V2 3DR telemetry module?

As for the range issue the fact that your quadcopter stops at one of the waypoints is not due to the range of the telemetry modules but it could have something to do with your actual mission file you saved, or your actual radio controller range. Have you set any failsafes on your board such as when it goes out of radio range? Also have you setup a geofence feature?

Also if you place your quadcopter on the ground and connect to it via droidplanner and walk away how far do you get before you loose the telemetry link? If this is only 10m, then I suggest you check the TX power setting on your radios is not too low.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply, the modules were purchased from you last week so Probably V2?

Radio control range is fine, I have no issues with that. Could it be possible for an incomplete mission file to be uploaded due to its limited range? No geofence has been set.

I get 10m on the ground or less with Tx power set at 20, could it be an antenna issue?

Hope my reply helps narrow down the problem.

Regards, Rob.

Something is wrong for sure.
One solution for some serious range is to buy a Module Amplifier from Shireen, or other sources, but you may need a license to operate. Anyone who is looking to some serious range with any FPV/ UAV needs one of these, plus the appropriate antenna for the application.


Now this one is the Bomber, if you can find one cheap.

I had one located on eBay a while back, but wasn’t ready to purchase, and it got away for about $175
Here is a quote from specs…
“Outdoor/RF line-of-sight range: up to 40 miles (64 km)”

Good luck