Pixhack radio - what is it?

I got new pixhack v3. It came with a radio module labeled WIFI. What is it ? I could not get it to connect to 3DR 915 Mhz radio. I connected standard 3DR 915 mHz radio to the radio jack on pixhack v3 and it works fine. Question is what is the module that shipped with the pixhack v 3?

This wifi module will connect your FC to any wifi device, typically used with Android mobile phones
QGroundControl has an Android app downloadable from PlayStore
It basically replaces the usual 3DR telemetry used with Mission Planner on 433MHz in the UK

This feature is relatively new so let us know how you get on with it.
I have a Pixracer arriving tomorrow so I’ll be looking at it also

Steve :slight_smile:

I really did not like the wifi radio. It does not really work in flight nor does it have the range of the packet radio. I just use the standard 915mHz radio. I really like the pixhack except it is very difficult to source the GH1.25 connector assemblies in the US. I have ordered a bunch from China but it takes a while.