2212/920 KV issue when propellers are mounted

Dear All,

I bought 4 motors DJI 2212/920 KV. The issue is: Motors without the propellers work perfectly when I increase the throttle (25%, 50% up to 100%). However, when I mount the propellers on the motors, their speed decrease and I reach a full-speed at 50% of the throttle. I use the ESC 32 bit BLHELI.

Any explication?

which FC ?
which firmware ?
Tests without props are meaningless …!

FC: Pixhawk 4

Firmware: Ardupilot ChibiOS (i can’t upgrade it on my Virtual Machine (UBUNTU) due to Error Sync)

And We are not yet in the phase of flying the drone. We have some heavy expensive materials on the drone. Any failure, bad ESC or any bad soldering will cost us money. Therefore, a reliability test for each component is taking place especially that we are confined in our places and we have all the necessary time.

The motors were tested without propellers (meaningless of course) just to define the source of the problem! Apparently, the issue is coming from the propellers because other motors (A 2212 / 2300 KV ) with the same ESCs are working flawlessly (with and without the propellers).

The issue is not solved yet! by the way, I’m using a 4S battery, 5200 mAh.

P.S: E300 motors have their unique propellers (auto-lock and specially the screws) and therefore can’t be tested on different motors.

A suggestion,
Try switching OFF
Low RPM Power Protect
in Blheli suite.