Which pixhawk flight control buy?

Is this Pixhawk original or is a clone? And the STM32F427 onboard is last rev 3 without 1mb memory issue?

That Pixhawk is the original one manufactured by 3DR and it is from the latest batch so does not have any hardware related issues.

And on UNMANNED HAWK which STM32F427 rev do you use?

In that one we also use the same STM32 processor. It is based on pixhawk 2.4.7 i believe.

Alex, maybe you do not know what I’m talking. Recently it was discovered that on STM32F427 rev 1 and rev Y that is a issue that limit the internal memory at 1mb, here you can read about. Now the question isn’t about revision of the board (obviously is latest 2.4.7), but revision of STM32F427 mcu. May I know if your 3DR Pixhawk and Unmanned Hawk use a STM32F427 rev 3 mcu? Thanks

Alright, I was not aware of that, there was a similar STM32 chip version issue about year ago that I vaugely remember, but that has all since been solved.

I will run a check and get back to you about both the batch of 3DR pixhawk units we have an our unmanned hawk units…

Ok, let me know because I want buy one of the two fc as soon as possible.

So I have just tested our batch of 3DR Pixhawks and they have Rev 3 STM32 chips with 2Mb flash.

Our current batch of Unmanned Hawk kits use the a previous revision of the STM32 chip so do have this 1MB flash issue. I will discuss this with our manufacturer to get this fixed on our unmanned tech manufactured boards going forward.

So best to get the 3DR Pixhawk boards for now.

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