Can you please tell me which version of the CUAV Pixhack unmanned tech sell?

Can you please tell me which version of the CUAV Pixhack this is?

I see they are up to version 2.8.

Do you know what feature or fix I might be missing out on.

I’m a little new to this and I’d hate to invest and find I’ve missed out on something I might need.

I just bought an APM board elsewhere and only after learned it would not have the capacity for terrain following which I will need.

May I ask where you see version 2.8? As I have seen some Chinese sellers saying they are selling a 2.8 version but I think they are just getting confused with APM 2.8 boards. The pixhack is based of the pixhawk V2.4.7 schematics which is the current latest version of pixhawk.

However in terms of the actual software features there is absolutely no difference between various versions of pixhawk and pixhack as the new versions are minor hardware changes to improve performance, or increase reliability, so all versions will have the same features such as terrain following etc… APM boards use a slower processor which is why they cant support all the features of pixhawk.

On a side we will soon sell a raspberry pi powered autopilot in mid Feb (which runs the same arducopter/arduplane) code, but these are still more tailored towards developers as they are abit more complex to use and larger than pixhack. I know 3DR are working on a new autopilot currently but not sure when it will be released/announced, but my guess is sometime towards the middle to end of the year only.

Thought it may be worth me commenting as I have a new Pixhack on the workbench.The version 2.83 refers to the actual board version inside the unit.I opened mine up (because I’m like that) and found this exact version number on the board.I believe it to be the hardware version from CUAV rather than anything to do with the Pixhawk software.I am led to believe that this is the current version.

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