When FS-iA10B receiver loses connection, it acts as if I had never moved the sticks

My new FS-iA10B receiver has been working great so far, until I realized when I was in Mission Planner that when I turned off the transmitter the values don’t all go to 1500 and throttle to 950 (or around there,) they all stay right where they’re at. This has never been a problem because I never fly out of range but it is worrisome because it might cause a flyaway if my transmitter loses power or my receiver glitches or I fly too far away. Is this mission planner giving my false results (which I doubt) or is there a way I can fix this problem (it didn’t happen with my last receiver)?

I am honestly not 100% sure with that receiver, but pretty sure its just that you need to set the failsafe on your flysky radio itself. Some other brands you can set failsafe on the receiver itself, but with all the flysky gear I have used, you set it on the radio itself. Here is a video showing you how to do that:

Also its a good thing you noticed this now, rather than when its too late and you see your aircraft flying away into the distance :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have that option on my transmitter (I have the 6-channel firmware). If I need the 10-channel firmware to do that, could you please find me a link to a download cable that isn’t ridiculously expensive (less than $10 hopefully). Thanks!

Do I need the 10ch f/w?

Nevermind, I do have that option. It won’t help though, because I need throttle failsafe to be below PWM 975 on my APM, and I can’t move my throttle that low. If I make the threshold value for failsafe 1000 (at the throttle’s lowest point) then as soon as I plug it in or land (when the throttle is at ~1000) it will trigger a failsafe. What should I do?

I have the same problem, have you fixed the issue?

what problem.?
play with ch-3 endpoints., to get it below fs: value.

The problem that it dosnt drop at all, all channels holds there position when i put off the transmiter.

Hi, have you seen this,

Hello Robbie. Did you found the solution? I also made some tests: deatached fs-ia10b from APM and it successfull reset values to default. Looks like receiver doesn’t send default PPM signal