Compass motor calibration

I reset all my parameters due to sheer bugginess, and now I’m having problems doing the compass motor calibration again. I follow randy mackay’s steps in his video and when I click done it says “failed!” here’s the output:
Initialising APM…
Initialising APM…

EDIT: Nevermind, I followed the steps on and they worked, although I did almost nothing differently. I’m not sure how do delete this post so I guess that’s my new question :smiley:

:slight_smile: happy to see you figured it out. I also sometimes have some issue with something not working no matter what I try, then I walk away and try again and it turns out to be something simple and obvious! But I think your case the video was possibly just outdated?

I’m not sure, maybe it was.  I have a new question here just so you know When FS-iA10B receiver loses connection, it acts as if I had never moved the sticks