What's the best choice for the fixed wing?3-axis gimbal or 2-axis gimbal?

When shopping for a drone, you will inevitably reach a stage what type of camera gimbal is suitable. Typically there are 2-axis and 3-axis brushless gimbals for selection.

The 3-axis gimbal is not necessarily better than a 2-axis one. Saying a 3-axis gimbal is better just like saying a car is better than a motorcycle only because it has more wheels. Both 3-axis and 2-axis gimbals have their pros and cons.

3-axis gimbals generally provide better video stability than 2-axis gimbals due to one roll motor. However, it also improves the cost and reduces the stability of gimbal itself. What’s more, The wind-resistance is more significant because the camera is exposed to gimbal. So some user would rather choose 2-axis gimbal to get a long-range flight.

To balance the stability and wind-resistance, The engineers now apply one new design — 45 degree of the holding arm. Only left the camera part out of the fixed-wing, but get a 3-axis controlling.

Here is one demo video of Yangda FW320 fixed-wing mounted Eagle Eye-30IE-U 2-axis EOIR gimbal camera, welcome any comments about this video.