New 3 Axis DSLR gimbal arriving soon!

The first batch of the Eagle Eye brushless gimbal have been added to the shop!

We have been selling a handheld gimbal for a while now, and it works great, but we have received some feedback about the lack of movement to get it balanced properly when using larger lenses. To address this problem we will soon be releasing a new brushless gimbal (handheld, and multirotor version) that have a wider range of movement to work with more cameras. The only negative is it will cost abit more, but it does arrive 90% assembled (see the video below). We will still continue selling the currenty handheld gimbal for those who want something abit cheaper and dont need to use fancy lenses with thier cameras.

In summary

And if anyone is interested, here are the dimentions of the eagle eye brushless gimbal

3D View

Top View

Side View

Front View