What are the best looking FPV motors?

Myself and @UnmannedCam were having a discussion the other day about which motors look the best for FPV… so I am curious to find out what everyone else things.

General rule is that the motor must be for FPV quads, so anything from 11xx to 24xx size is probably fine…please add a photo of the motor! I dont care performance but just wondering which motor is the best looking around.

I cant select one, but right now my favourites are the hypetrain 2306 v2, and the 2306 mr copper motors (on the right build for abit of bling).

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T motor F40 for me, anyone else?


Anyone that knows me knows I have a thing with red and white, so I have to say these 2 are probably a tie.

Rebel 2306 2550kv Limited Edition Matte Red
TBS Steele Silk v2

Konasty’s motor

what is the best motor for a small fpv drone

Depends on the size of the quad…
3inch, 4inch, 5inch or larger props

Could just be the photo… but I think this is a pretty sweet looking motor… (hypetrain vort3x)