Suggestions for multicopter motors between 100kV and 380kV?

I need suggestions for drone motors between 100 and 380kV, I feel the 380’s are a bit too small, but the 100’s and below are too huge and too expensive for my potential applications, I want to design a 1000 diagonal X8 for 5-10kg payload, and flight times as long as possible. Are there any good ones available eg. 200-250kV?

Just found this awesome motor after more research, runs on 6-12S and has over 8.4kg of thrust on 12S and 22inch props, this would be perfect for medium to heavy lift applications, and at half the cost of the 100kV motors. Hope this helps someone.

GARTT QE 6016 170KV Brushless Motor For Plant Protection Operations:

Not a bad price, let us know what your opinions are on these motors once you use them for a while :slight_smile: As will be great if you find a more affordable motor that works well!

In my experience some of the cheaper motors use worse bearings which start to show wear much faster than more expensive brands like T-motor etc… But I guess it depends on your applications, many heavy lift rigs carry expensive cameras (over $20k) so paying abit more for a reliable brand is not a big part of the cost! Atleast this is for professional applications.

I won’t commit to buying them just yet, I’ll look for a couple of online reviews before I do so.

And in any case, since I’m thinking more along the lines of agricultural purposes rather than carrying expensive cameras, as long as the quality is half-way decent they should work perfect. Plus it’ll just be a prototype so T-Motors would be overkill. Will share the feedback if I do source for them :slight_smile: