What are Radio Channels in Aircraft Terminology - cleanflight channel mapping

So we all know what the radio channels are don’t we? We have throttle, yaw, pitch and roll - we know what these all correspond to and that’s great. However, some people like to call them via the ‘correct’ aircraft terminology and that’s where some people get lost (me included). An apt example of this is on CleanFlight - when checking that the channels on my radio are mapped correctly, I do sometime get confused with what channel corresponds to what. So I have created this little article for those out there who need to quick reference point. So here is it:

A = Aileron = Roll

E = Elevator = Pitch

T = Throttle = Throttle (nice and easy one)

R = Rudder = Yaw

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Something I always have trouble remembering when I am setting up a new model on my taranis!