Frsky issues when connecting to drone and Betaflight

Just purchased a frsky Taranis 9 plus and im having issues with the channel mapping.

  1. Inputs are set to AETR
  2. Mixer is set to AETR
  3. Configuration in Betaflight is set to serial based and Sbus
  4. Receiver is set to AETR1234 and my sticks react as they should.

The problem is that the yaw ® stick is driving my motors not my throttle.

I am using an X4R receiver with a Matek F405



Hey Toni,

My Idea would be to swap throttle and yaw on your Radio…
Or you Throttle with yaw and become the coolest Pilot ever seen :smile:

Luca :slight_smile:

@Luca haha that would be quite impressive to see…

But as mentioned, the first thing you should see if you go to the chanel monitor screen so you can see the sticks are moving correctly. So if youove the throttle stick, bar is moving.

Once you have confirmed that, you just need to change the channel mapping in betaflight as per this video

Hope that helps, let us know if it does or if you need more suggestions :slight_smile: