We are starting a UK quad subscription box


So @benjo first had the suggestion and it has taken some time but we are going to move forward and offer a subscription box servoce :slight_smile:

Setting this up takes alot of effort and being a small company we want to gauge the general interest in this. We are planning to offer it for around £35-40 per box.

So if you are interested please add you email to our list so we can keep you updated when we launch :rocket:


We will be using signups to get a feel for howant people have an interest to help plan what we can include in the boxes.

We also need an official name for this so if you have any suggestions please let us know. If we use your name we will send you the first box for free!

Also it would be appreciated if you can tell your friends about this because the more people who sign up will give us more buying power to get better prices to include more goodies in each box. :+1:


I think you should make bright orange and call it a black box. :slight_smile:

  • Quad UP… Like Power up or level up (super Mario heart)

  • Drone Love

  • DCP - Drone Care Package

  • Drone Bits

  • Unmanned Supply Box

  • Drone Supplys

  • Props Off

  • DMP - Drone Med Pack ( White box with big Red medical symbol )

Sorry got carried away.


Haha… what about DroneKwadDropBox :wink:


What about UnmannedBoxdrop?, StealthKwadbox or Supercalifragilisticexpialidroneboxdrop or even FarKwadd


Hi Guys,

I don’t want to appear thick, but what is a “Subscription Box”?



No such thing as a stupid question… just stupid answers

A subscription box is a box you pay a monthly fee for in this case £35 - £40
That gets sent out once a month

But the contents of the box is unknown but will be worth the price of the subscription or more.


Hi Alex,
in germany we call it “Wundertüte”, no idea how it named in uk :wink:.
My suggestion is unmannedtech wonder bag, short UWB :grin:
Good luck with that :+1: