KWAD / DRONE DROP box - Do want!

So I want a Kwad box! It only costs $25 USD which translates to around £18-19. So what’s the problem? POSTAGE!!! You can add another £30 to that number then - BOOOOOOO!

C’mon UnmannedTech, lets get a monthly surprise box going! I’m tired of ordering props, I need shirts and I’m loving the idea of gathering enough parts to inspire a new build!

Am I the only one?


Defiantly not the only one!

Any one else… interested in a UK Kwad box???

  • UK Kwad box - YES
  • UK Kwad box - No

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I think there is only one true answer to vote for :wink:


There is one already in the UK … wont name it on this site but competition for them would surely not be a bad thing.

We are aware.

But we are working on are own twist. :wink: