Vgood Firefly ESC

Vgood Firefly Setup Guide

Step 1:
Download the latest firmware tool from here Free Testing-VGOODRC ARM 32bit ESC! - RC Groups
Current tool to date is vgoodtoolv406

Step 2:
Open up the “vgoodtoolv406”

Step 3:
Follow this video it will show you how to connect up your esc.

Altenativly you can wire up your escs to your quad and provide power from the pdb, just be sure to flash them before you direct solder them to your flight controller :wink:
Be sure to select correct Com Port then click connect.
Once correct com port is seleted it will auto connect when power is applied for subsiquent escs

Step 4:
With correct Com Port selected you will see you now have the option to choose your settings and update the firmware by clicking Updating Start
The defaults on the escs are great and the auto setting mean you don’t have to worry about tweaking setting all the time.

After clicking update wait for the update to complete and you are done

Change this to make escs 3d /bidirectinal
Leave on default single mode for normal use

Simple use auto!
I use auto and have used oneshot125 oneshot 42 and multishot. All work perfectly
If you wanted to use old pwm method I assume auto would also work great.
This just give you the option to choose one or other but not necessarry IMO

This is referring to esc output PWM frequency.
I use 32k default and havent had any problems

“If your get desync on 32K, try 24K,
12K was rock solid no desync, but I did not like the audio noise”[/QUOTE from oz on rcgroups]

Esc braking or or damplight as its know in bl heli acitivly slows the motor down as well as speending them up on comand as you can imang this creates a tighter feeling tune on your quad so my advice is leave it on 100%
Turning it off could help with things like a sensitve gyro
The lux for example has a MPU6500 Gyro which is very sensitive with active braking and strong motors with powerfull magnets all thing we love, it generats a yaw twitch. Disabling active braking can cure this issue but personaly I find the benefit of active braking too good so just soft mount my flight controler to avoid this issue.

Simple use auto! 
As a rule of thumb with timing 2300kv would be medium anything above would be high.

Motor Direction:
With each motor/esc combo the direction for the motor will differ depending on which order the 3 motor wires are connected. Here you can adjust it.

However with these Esc’s there is an even easier way

Power up your quad and spin the motor the direction you want it to spin.
Listen for the beep.
Spin again to confirm direction.
Listen for another beep.
Now I unplug quad.
Plug in as normal place on ground for gyro to calibrate then spin up with PROPS OFF! to check new motor direction.

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