Using Waypoints with the DJI Phantom 4

So I haven’t used the Waypoints feature with the new phantom four yet but I did some research and it looks like you have to manually fly to each way point to plot a course, then you can hit done and make the phantom four fly the course. Is there a way to map out a course prior to your flight? For instance if I were home and new where I wanted to fly, is there a way to open the GO APP and plot out a course then go to the site and hit GO? Can you use Ground Station and run the Phantom 4 from your PC, or something similar?

Piece of cake - … Amazing software to allow mission planning and autonomous flight for your Phantom … and does work w. the Phantom 4. I’ve been beta testing their iOS version, and it is great … Very responsive company! You’ll love it, and it completely replaces the DJI GO App except for things like firmware updates … Enjoy!

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Agreed with @FliteDoc, get the litchi app as it adds loads of features to your phantom. I use it o my 03 and it even has its own project tracking too (not that it’s important for P4 pilots). Its not free but greatly improves autonomous capability of your phantom drone

Besides it costing $25 which isn’t too expensive, this Litchi software looks pretty cool. I’m just nervous to use it because it’s new. I don’t want to be mid-flight and have something happen and the drone go out of control. Some of the reviews said that they couldn’t get it to work. Have you guys had any problems with it? Besides the being nervous part it looks awesome. I like that you can plot out way points on your pc then load them in the field. It also appears to bring Active track and POI to the Phantom 2 and 3 models. I will most likely get Litchi and try it out. Thanks!

I have used it many times and have not had any issues with it. With any app you will see issues even loads of people have complained about the official DJI go app. If the app is not working you just need to switch your remove to go back to P mode and the R/C controller takes over full control so you dont need to worry about that.

I think the main reason for Litchi is that i find it much easier to plan a mission and some of the POI features are great for making cool filming missions. However you can still create waypoint missions with the standard DJI GO app too.

As for the active tracking, it works ok if you have a fast enough smartphone but its not particularly great in some situations. I would not get it if thats your only reason.

My suggestion would be to just use DJI go to start off with, get used to planning waypoint missions etc… and then if you find that some features are missing then go to litchi :slight_smile: