Upgrading attitude v2

Hi there everyone, i am new to the site and have been flying for best part of 5 months. Looking to upgrade my attitude v2 fatshark goggles as i have no issues with the goggles themselves i want more RANGE. Flying the eachine wizard x220s with all standard equipment and understand that i might need to upgrade my VTX on the quad itself too. I am wanting to try and fit a new diversity module to the fatshark attitude v2 goggles and see if that improves my signal and have found a few tutorials on youtube etc on how to do it (no stranger to a bit of soldering) and so looking for advice or if anyone has done this with good results? If i end up destroying my goggles then i would upgrade to dominators but i like the feel, fit and FOV on the attitudes wih my cam setup.

Thanks in advance

Hey Craig,

Could you tell us which antennas you are using on your VTX and your VRX?
Sometimes you dont need to buy very expenisve Modules.

Luca :slight_smile:

Goggles have one immersionRC circular polarised antenna and the drone has the pagoda menace rc raptor.

The pagoda is an sma and so have an adapter to make it rp sma … think this will add some impedance from the drone and the immersion rc antenna has a 90 dgree adapter to the goggles themselves so dont know if this makes a big difference.

Thanks for the speedy reply

I would say the Antennas sound okay to me.
Since im not into fatshark i cant really help you with practical experience.
But i can look for some useful reviews for you to read or watch.
Clearview and Laforge :

also Clearview and Laforge:

this is what i have found

Luca :slight_smile:

Yeah i seen that upgrade tutorial but the foornote says the fatshark module isnt highly rated (ie not very good at what its supposed to do) … my main concern is will i still be able to use the switch on the goggles to change channels (not bands as they are set on most modules) or will i have to dismantle the whole thing if i need to change channels … i dont usually fly with a group so this isnt a major issue really.

Guess i will just have to go in two feet first and see what happens. Will post updates for future flyers to see if it makes a difference.

Thanks again for the help

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Just a small update - got out flying tonight. id removed the 90 degree adaptor on the goggles antenna and it has made a huge difference. Much less breaking up of the picture (except in the VTX blind spot directly above/below antenna) and the range seemed to be slightly better too. Will need to do a few more tests once im back to my local park to compare the differences from before and after removal of the 90 degree adaptor.

Sounds great.
If you have done some “studying”, do you want to make “Guide/Interesting” article about that?

Luca :slight_smile:


I’ve been running the fatshark HD v2 for over a year now… with the fatshark diversity module.
The module works but isn’t the best. You can change channel on the module but have to take it off to change the dip switches to change bands.

I’m looking at swapping to a Realacc RX5808 Pro or Eachine Pro58 with the Achilles software.
Still weighing up the pros and cons.
Be aware that these modules do not come with the Achilles software it’s a mod and has a small cost for the software but it’s well worth the cost compared to the installed software on the modules.

When I get a new module I’ll do a short video on here.

The 90-degree adaptor or any sma type adapter will add some signal loss.