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I really having no luck, I don’t get to fly as much as I would like as work gets in the way. But lately every time I get the chance I run into an issue. The latest one has me stumped, can some one please offer advice?

I have two drones that I use regularly, the baby hawk r and the emax Hawk 5 inch. After changing the hawk 5 antenna to a FURIOUSFPV 70MM 5.8GHZ UFL LINEAR ANTENNA I lost vtx signal at really short distance. Frustrated I flew the baby hawk with no changes and the same thing happened, this leads me to believe that it is something wrong with my recived on my fat shark attitudes v4. Can any one tell me if there is anything I can do to check this theory? if anything similar has happened to them, and would it be worth getting a new receiver like the FURIOUS FPV TRUE-D V3.6 DIVERSITY RECEIVER ?

Sorry for it turning into a epic tale but this noob need help…



How have you got your attenna mounted.?

Can you take a pic

Antenna mounting can be the issue but since both seem to have poor signal I understand why you think it could be your video reciever.

You may want to try change your frequency as maybe where you fly there is alot more efficient noise so your video can’t get through.

Also I would suggest you get a new reciever module for your fatshark as you will notice a difference after you upgrade to a better one like the pro58 (with Pirx/Achilles firmware) or the true-d. Both the true-d and pro58 use the same internals so performance is fairly similar. It’s just a matter of preference as to what firmware you prefer.

Thank you both for taking the time to help, firstly where I had the problem I have never used before and it had a large mast close by so that could be the problem never gave it a thought, I will have a fly at my usual place and see if there’s a difference. I will also look at upgrading the receiver as well as I think it will improve the overall experience so an investment I think.

Doomed, I have the antenna sticking up at the rear I will take a picture and see what you think, I secured it with a cable tie and shrink wrap after the prop caught the last one and pinged it across the field after 20 seconds never to be seen again. Also I have just watched your series on the long range build, great work, I am in the process of getting the bits for my first build and all being well in the near future I would like to do a long range build so will watch again for more inspiration, keep up the great work…

thanks for the advice again, it’s so reassuring for a novice that you take the time to help, while I suffer, I learn, and that process is speeded up by you sharing your experiences.

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Alex just looking at the PRO58 RX Diversity Receiver do I need sma or rp sma? I have fatshark attitude v4 what’s the difference?


Cancel that just found the answer…

Thanks for watching :smile: Theres still a couple of video to come yet :slight_smile:

The PRO58 RX Diversity Receiver is the same module as I’m using at the minute.
Good module works well the ability to scan channels is really usefull as for the SMA or RP SMA…
That really depends on the attennas you already have.


If you have SMA attennas then you want the RP SMA module.
(I think that right)

Ask as many questions as you want…
i’ll sit hear and talk you through anything.

Just a quick up date for you. Got the receiver thanks unmanedtech. Fitted, waited a week before I could fly again (today) all looking good on the ground, flew 100 m and bang nothing,

So I have come to the conclusion it’s the goggles, spoke to hobby king and sending them back tomorrow for a refund.

Went on to eBay and a guy on eBay not 6 miles away selling his dominator v3 so bought them and now waiting for the next day of flying.

I will let you know, but have put in the new receiver and got my fingers crossed.


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Good luck Mick - I sincerely hope the goggles fix the issue. This hobby can be really frustrating at times, but when you get everything working and have a great flight, it makes up for all those days/weeks :slight_smile:
Plus of course, you’ve got a great bunch of folk on this forum who are all super helpful.

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