Two new professional drones from Parrot 🐦, Termal ♨️ and Bluegrass 🌿

Parrot unveiled two new quadcopters this week, both based on the bebop platform. Who said the bebop was just a toy drone?

The Bebop Pro Thermal

This is essentially a bebop 2 frame that comes with two camera, a regular video camera, and a thermal camera. It is designed to help with inspections and identify “hot spots,” such as survivors in a natural disaster. Priced at $1500, it seems like a reasonable offering considering that its small and easy to carry around compared to something like the yuneec H520. I can actualy see this one doing well for emergency services, and for thermal inspections.

Parrot Bluegrass

This is a bebop 2 designed for agriculture mapping. Its costs considerably more at $5000, but that is because it comes bundled with the post processing software to let a farmer get instant feedback on the health of the crops. The bluegrass comes with two image sensors, one regular video camera, and a second multi-spectral sensor to generate NVDI maps.

Both these new drones will be available around November :slight_smile: