Parrots new camera drone

Cool new release from parrot, seems to be abit more useful than the ARdrone! The digital stabilization is a cool idea and seems to do a decent job, but its not match to a brushless gimbal, I think stabilisation will be better if you use a narrower field of view. I guess the camera itself is better used for still photos as they seem quite good. As for pricing there is no official word but sources say between $600 and $800, kind of steep considering you can get a RTF X350 Pro with brushless gimbal for less. But the Bebop does have GPS waypoint flight which is very cool for such a small quadcopter.

The new Parrot quadrotor is called Bebop, and we have it on good authority that it was not named after the mutant rhino from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With Bebop, Parrot is focusing very heavily on incredibly awesome, feature-rich video, as evidenced by the gigantic, 14-megapixel camera with fish-eye lens attached to the front part of the drone.

You can read more about it here