Tinyhawk freestyle 2 aio esc issue

was flying round my garden the other day in fpv nice and slow was a bit too low to the ground and the quad flipped in to turtle, I turned the quad over and went to carry on flying but one of the motors started stuttering and wouldn’t get up to speed to take off kept flipping back over, while trying to find out weather the motor was playing up or the esc I plugged it in to Betaflight using the motor setup I was able to get all motors to run the same but as soon as i put the props back on to fly it started stuttering again so I decided to change out the motor as have a few laying around and the outcome was the same could get the motors to all run together on Betaflight but as soon as I put props on the motor would stutter again is there anyway I can check out the AIO as I cant see any options, the quads about 3 weeks old and its only been flown round the garden half a dozen times as been isolated at home, would I be able to get a new FC under warranty no mods been done other than to change the motor to see if it was defo the esc ? anyone with any AIO experience maybe you know of a fix for the esc

all ideas welcome ill test anything to resolve the issue thanks