My quadcopter has strange hiccups

I switched from Racerstar motors to Emax Eco 2207 2400KV and now my quad has these strange hiccups. They are hard to describe so i include the flight footage in this post. At first I thought it was a damaged FC from desoldering. But also with the new FC “Foxeer F722” flashed with the newest Betaflight 4.0.3 the problem has not been solved. My ESC’s are the Aikon AK32 35A.
Has anyone already had to deal with such a situation or a similar problem?
Before I desolder the motors again, maybe it can be solved with the right tuning?
Any help and suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Notice on timestamp 2:55 in the DVR footage the 4 crosses in the OSD it looks like a betaflight arm flag but I am not sure about that.

The 4 Stars are a visual buzzer.
Could because you have low voltage warning switched on?
Turn on “Warnings” on your OSD that will show what it is…

The “hiccups” could be filtering or a bad gryo ( but it looks unlikely from what you have already said )

Trying Flashing to BF 3.5.7

The best thing would be to have a look at a blackbox log as if you look at the gyro, motor output and RC command values you can see if there is a large discrepancy between your input and what your FC is sending to the FC. As if it only occurs at a certian throttle range it is almost certainly a vibration issue.

But I suggest you enable dynamic filtering to see if that helps, and also maybe increase the gyro deadzone by 5 on the roll axis.

Also if you have accelerometer enabled, see if disabling that removes the issue as it could also be accelerometer issues if flying in horizon mode.

Failing that maybe also check that your props are on tightly and not slipping (although i dont think this is the cause, its worth checking).

Thank you for the tips guys.
I flashed BF 3.5.7 went through the settings and suddenly realized that in the motor tab the motors running smoothly without hiccups.
So it could bee the radio link.:thinking:
I changed my receiver on the quad and the hiccups are gone now.