Thrust stand to measure thrust of printed propellers

Hi guys,

I work on a uni project where we try to build a drone using different 3D printing techniques, we managed to make a scan, then post process and based on that 3D print propellers. Now we wish to compare thrust generated from the 3D printed prop and a brought prop with the same motor we are going to use with our drone.

I’ve ordered thrust stand to measure this but the delivery failed the 2nd in a row, it’s been resent again but I’m really unsure if I get it.
The stuff we bought here: RC Lander Outer Rotor Motor Thrust Stand Measuring Table Tester Sale - Banggood USA-arrival notice-arrival notice
As it’s the easiest option to actually measure this.

I know that some of you develop your own stands or maybe someone has access to this from the above link? Perhaps anyone wants to sell? Or would be willing to help if I can send over propellers? We don’t have resources and time actually to build the stand by ourselves.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Where are you living? :slight_smile:

Hi Luca,

I’m from Nottingham, UK :slight_smile:

Hey czinu,
I didnt find any thrust stands that are around Nottingham.
Do you have any Model-Hobbyshops there?
When do you need the Thrust stand?
Maybe i can find a Online-Shop that ships 'em very quickly.

Luca :slight_smile:

Hi Luca,

I’m not sure about shops, I’ve just checked and it seems there’s one so maybe it will be worth to go there, but it looks like a tiny one.
At the latest around 8th of February, I was trying to find any shops which can deliver this from the UK but it seems that it’s available only from overseas suppliers.