There is a question about Tattu 2305 2450KV motor's thrust

I only know a little about quadcopter motors, and there is a question about my motor’s thrust. I bought 4 pcs 2305 2450KV motors from a motor online shop, and I got a thrust data on their motor details, but my fridens said the thrust data probably is wrong, they should at least 1100g/1200g, but he is not sure.So what do you think of this motor thrust data? is this data right or wrong?

This does seem kind of low for this class of motor. I think I would agree with your friend and say that I would expect a max thrust of around 1200g for this class. Maybe Tattu are just being overly pessimistic for their motors but they do mainly manufacture batteries and so their motors might not be the best quality…

Yes, many people said that motor’s thrust at least 1200g like this this 2305 2450KV motor.