The USB socket just came off my Omnibus

I was plugging in the USB to my Omnibus and the socket broke off. It’s perhaps been used 15 times. I can see the dimples in the solder where it has moved away from the tags rather than flow onto them. I think it would be worth having a really good look and reflowing what you safely can or what is going to get heavily used, flow solder used in smaller volume manufacturing isn’t perfect.

This occurs too many times !!!
I suggest doing a quick re-solder by hand, (thin bit and 0.6mm solder) when the component is new to strength it up a bit.

Flow solder time/heat envelopes in China are based on the smaller components, this leaves the components with heavier pins (like USB sockets) to absorb the heat instead of remaining at the joint contact, resulting in minimal solder melt hence the dimples you see instead of a nice flowed joint.

Consequence of low costs :unamused: :unamused:

Steve :slight_smile:

I agree. I do have another one that’ll be going in a rebuild this week and I’ll be doing this on everything now. Once I get this one up on the air I can rebuild this one. I think I need to power the camera off the PDB as the video feed is cutting off seconds in.

I do have an omnibus f4 too and fortunately my usb plus is still ok, I know these components fail often though… do you reckon a dab of hot glue could help as preventive measure?

I don’t have much success with hotmelt
My choice would be 2part quick setting ‘Araldite’ (the 15 minute stuff works well)
It flows and grips better than hotmelt, careful application will really strengthen the USB socket
Hope this helps
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Good call! yeah that should hold much better!