Strobon Neo connected to Frsky X4RSB and Taranis X9D Plus

Hi there

I’ve recently build my fpv quadcopter. First one as I’m very new to all this.

I’ve bought Strobon Neo Led lights to go on my quadcopter.
I have paired my rx to tx and done simple model setup on taranis for quadcopter. Set standard 4 channels and nothing more.

When I’ve been building my quadcopter I’ve installed leds as per instruction. So connected them to channel 1 on my RX.

Problem I’ve now is that channel 1 is responsible for throtle after model set up on taranis tx. I’ve changed settings to use all 16 channels. But now after model set up, throtle controls diming of the leds. As it’s been assigned to channel 1.

Rx is connected to SPAIN F3 mini uart port. 3 wires go to GND 5v and R and 4th wire goes to other uart port and is soldered to pin T3. I get telemetry etc… and all sensors are discovered.

My question is as of how I can control my Led strobon neo lights which are connected to RX pins on channel 1 using other channel as there is 16 on this rx and use channel 1 for throttle as per model setup on taranis?

Apologies for bad English as it’s my second language.
Any help would be appreciated as this now started to frustrate me as I cannot work it out.

Channels 1,2,3,4 are exclusive for flight controls, DO NOT use them for anything else :slight_smile:
Channel 5 is usually used for flight mode settings (but may be different for some flight controllers)
Use any other channel, directly from the receiver, it will need to be a PWM signal though for controlling the LED’s
Hope this helps
Steve :slight_smile: