Some introduction


Hi, I arived on this site while I was searching for some info due of the max-amount of tv-lines ( TVL ) for a FPC setup. This site gave me answer and help: about 800TVL will do!

First I must confess, I don’t have a drone but a rc helicopter a LAMA V915. It’s my second heli.
( in the future I want to have a full channeled heli, now I’m missing collective )

I’m a skilled mechatrinicus and (micro-)elektronicus.

For those interested in some projects, watch:

or go direct to youtube to see some vid’s.

Best regards! Marcel


At the moment, I’m researching and checking lot’s of components.

A cam and a seperated transmitter will do fine!
( a set has lower tranmission power, I like to go 200mW upto 600mW )

Receiver is not a big deal, both of receiver-with-PAL/NTSC-out or a UVC-based-out will do fine for connection to a PAL/NTSC-LCD-tft-screen or mobile/laptop/pc.

Well, the actual goal is to watch ‘stereo’.
( no problem for me to set up a double camera and double transmitter and use different frequencies )

Got an old empty VR-goggle. ( had a build in split- screen and wifi android etc )

So, I could build in 2 seperated small ( say 2,5inch ) PAL/NTSC-screens and 2 separeted PAL/NTSC-receivers. 2 screens and 2 receivers would cost about 60euro, shipping included. Got the skills to do that, including adding a battery.

I’m not sure but will these goggle do the same? I think, that’s how they work? Here:

All regards. Marcel




Plans have been changed, my first prototype is controlled by my Rspberry PI.

First test are impressive!

  • rapsberry pi
  • old vr glasses
  • 5inch 800x480 tft/touchscreen ( later to be a composite video screen tft 5inch 800x480, only 13euro inlcuding shipping )
  • playing side-by-side youtube test 3d videos.

Later to be modified as FPV with tjhe welknow 5.8GHz stuf!

I’m allready impressed by the result. Must say: in the set up above, 800x480 is defeinitly the minimum!!!


Final version, gets my pi zero and composit video tft.
Here you see pi 3 b. with toucscreen/tft.


Very cool, I have not done much 3d fpv before as it has always been quite expensive. There was a product called nerdcam 3d that did this with a single transmitter as it did the onboard computation and send the 3d video as a single video feed that did work well, but was abit bulky and expensive for most people. I think now that the company has closed they maybe published all their files and code online so you may want to look into that for more ideas :slight_smile:


Started with this next idea.

The approach sounds very interesting.
First gonna build a testversion ( non-SMD )

Kind regards.


Looks abit too hardcore for my soldering skills, but looks like fun for sure!