A post for collecting new ideas about fpv wireless transmission

This is Allen, a assistant of an engineer, focus on FPV wireless video transmission.
To design more cool fpv accessories, I’m here to collect suggestion about video transmitter, receiver or whatever about video transmission.

Recently, we have no idea about the direction of our design, then I come here for any feedback about video transmitter, receiver, AIO mini camera.

If you have any new idea about fpv product, please let me know, I’d like to try to design it.

The photos you shared look like an interesting design as it looks like we can change the antenna if we want via UFL connector which is great.

For me most important thing is to do with the software on camera, so having low latency of the video feed (less than 40ms). Also the last suggestion is to make sure the cameras have very good WDR, so if flying into the sun you can still see details on the ground. Another secondary issue is to have 48CH as at some racing events the extra channel mean you get better signal.

ALso one thing everyone is looking for is cheap digital HD (1080p/ 720p) FPV signal with low latency, if you can make FPV system that can do this that is cheaper and faster/smaller than something like the Amimon Connex ProSight, you will have a winning product

Hi Alex, thank you much for your opinion.

As for the camera, we’ll try to find a better co-manufacturer, we only focus on wireless video transmission.

To make more racing channels is easy for us, we designed a vtx that has 72ch and we’re still waiting for the feedback of the market. If it becomes popular, we’ll design a receiver with 72ch.

We have already started a few projects about digital FPV transmission. One of our project is to have a “analog to HDMI” converter in the receiver. And the picture is good.

Other questions:

  1. What is the minimum requirement transmission distance of digital fpv system ?
  2. Is it necessary to add a DVR function on the receiver ? We considered the VTX with DVR function, but it influence the latency and the size, then we add the DVR function on the receiver.
  3. Do you know any great site that sells fpv product, I’d like to look into the fpv market and find the inspiration about our design. (I’d like to go to the fourm often, but english is not very easy for me, haha…)
  4. If I want to keep up with the latest news, which site i should go ?

Thanks !