Skyline 32+ Flight Controller Guide



About to begin my first build.
I am not installing a camera or Vtx at this time.
I do have a LED/Buzzer combo that will be added.
Not 100% confident that I’ve interpreted the various instructions for wiring.
If someone could review my wiring diagram and advise if there are any red flags, that would be helpful.


That all looks correct as far as I can tell. The only thing I cant honestly recall is the SBUS input from the X8R. It has been a good year or so since I have looked at a skyline32 FC, so cant remember if you need to do anything speciail with SBUS on this board (as some of the older FC you did need to).

But worst case if you cant get SBUS working, just use CPPM from your X8R and it will all be perfect :slight_smile:

Also what did you use to make your wiring diagram as it is very nice and neat :slight_smile:


Thank you, Alex.
As for the software, I created that diagram in LayOut, which is the documentation companion program for SketchUp Pro. I just needed a way to distill the wiring for all the components, without all the clutter.
Be well!