Skydio thinks it can take on DJI



I think this is definitely looks like they might just give DJI a run for the money. And it’s nice to actually see a competitor with some technology that match/beat DJI!

They said this first one is for early adopters (so it’s pricey at $2500) but down the road they will get cheaper. But they will need to get a whole lot cheaper to compete with DJI. since it’s running a Nvidia TX1 processor that costs a good $500 alone it might be hard. Nvidia have invested in this company so maybe it will get cheaper, but still nothing close to the modvidius chips used on DJI drones…

The Skydio R1 - Self-Flying

Abit more details on how it works…

Impressive technology, but the hardware is still overpriced and now outdated (Nvidia tx1)

But I am keen so see what they will release next, or if DJI will be pushed to release something sooner :slight_smile:


Looks really nice, however i dont like the obstacle avoidance system…
The Drone is like stopping right before an Obstacle and then flys really fast to get back to the person…
If they fix the price and this “Problem” i would consider to buy one…

Luca :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree it is not very smooth… I was just impressed at how it can fly through a forest without crashing! V2 should use a gimbal and I agree at the price of $2500 it should be at least as smooth as DJI. But maybe they can fix with firmware.


Just asking about the type and availability of the battery and the flight time we could expect seems no one ever seems to mention this.


That’s a good point… I didn’t think about that at all as I was too interested to see how it was able to fly so well.

But I also think they don’t want to shout about it too much as it’s only 16min… and if they claim 16 Mon we can realistically probably expect average flights on only 12min or so… Which is pretty bad for a drone that costs over 2k :money_mouth_face:


Also I did enjoy watching this video as it goes into alot more details on how the system works. So worth watching if you are intrigued by the skydio obstacle avoidance :slight_smile: